GrantIntel,™ LLC is a premiere grant development firm fueled by professionals with over 15 years of expertise in assessing government and privately funded grant programs. We specialize in assisting organizations in securing grant funding by providing expert technical assistance in the form of research, peer review, evaluation, and training. Our background and distinguished record of accomplishments include:

• Developing several competitive grant proposals which have resulted in
more than thirty million dollars on behalf of clients over the past 15
• Peer Review of proposals for Federal and State Agencies
• Expertise in Sponsored Program Administration encompassing pre- and post-award compliance for multi-million dollar awards
GrantIntel would welcome the opportunity to work with your organization by providing the following services:

1. Proposal Management
The process of developing competitive grant proposals, particularly large and complex proposals, requires careful proposal management. This includes managing teams of individuals and synthesizing key sources of information. There are several reasons why you should consider outsourcing your grant proposal management to GrantIntel:
• Often times, your internal grants office will have competing demands on its time. Our proposal manager can focus solely on your particular grant opportunity and mitigate problems that may occur during the proposal preparation and submission process.
• Our proposal manager can assist your organization when there is a surge in demand for proposal submissions. This is beneficial when there are multiple grant opportunities, with competing due dates, that may challenge what your internal office typically handles.
• Our proposal manager can help your organization pursue larger and more complex grants than it might typically consider.
• Finally, our proposal manager can provide you an outside objective voice. Sometimes, it’s important to highlight organizational strengths and weaknesses during the proposal development effort that your internal office might overlook.
At GrantIntel we manage the proposal development process by offering a menu of key tasks:
• Interpreting the funding application guidelines
• Developing a ‘storyboard’ that provides a synopsis of the funding opportunity with critical elements identified such as eligibility, due date, funding limits, goals & objectives, review criteria, etc.
• Providing advice and consultation on potential compliance issues with identified funding opportunities
• Representing your organization at pre-grant meetings
• Researching relevant needs assessment data
• Preparing Logic Models
• Assisting with Coalition Building
• Outlining proposal narrative requirements
• Outlining and coordinating writing assignments (utilizing either internal writers and/or external writers)
• Conducting a peer review (evaluate and score against the review criteria) of the final proposal draft
• Assisting with the preparation of the Budget and Appendix related requirements

2. Peer Review
If you decide that the grant proposal(s) you are pursuing does not require our full proposal management services, our peer review services can be invaluable to your organization for even the most basic proposals. Most grant proposals, particularly federal and state grants, are subject to a competitive peer review process before being awarded funding. Just as an author would not dream of publishing a book without an experienced editor, neither should a grant be submitted for consideration without undergoing a thorough review. Our peer review process will convey feedback to you for transforming your proposal drafts into competitive proposals. Our peer review includes:

• Ensuring Program Compliance
• RFA/RFP Conformity to application guidelines
• Alignment of the Narrative and Budget
• Project Design and Evaluation Consistency, including Feasibility Analysis
• Analysis of the Merits of the Application based on the review criteria (we will evaluate and score against the review criteria)
• Grammatical Review

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